03 April 2010

The Raymo Farm

This 1897 photograph in Nankin, Michigan shows Emma and Theodore Raymo with their entire family; all their children, their spouses, and grandchildren. Emma and Theodore are seated in front.

From left to right are:
  1. Herbert Avery and wife Evalena Raymo with their two sons, Leland and Ray.
  2. Hazel Raymo
  3. William Ralph Raymo and his wife Fannie Norris
  4. Arthur Elsworth Raymo
  5. Charles Hayes and wife Nora Ann Raymo with son Theodore
  6. Leslie Theodore Raymo with wife Edith Smith
    The Raymo farmhouse was on a 120 acre parcel of land that was divided equally between Theodore and his brother Owen Raymo after their father Mitchell died.

    In the 20th century the farmland was eventually all sold away and was subsumed by the creeping Detroit suburbia. The Township of Nankin became part of the city of Westland in 1966.

    Here is, approximately, where the farmhouse stood today, as seen in Google Street View:

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    1. Yeah! Urban Sprawl!

    2. I have the key to the Raymo farmhouse in Nankin, MI the birthplace of my grandfather, Arthur Ellsworth, and my dad, Arthur J. Raymo.

      Elaine Raymo