27 June 2010

By the river

Margaret (Merrow) Raymo and unknown woman

26 June 2010

Rail Trail

Chester T. Raymo (aged 15)

21 June 2010

The Family Car

Margaret and Arthur E. Raymo in their new car (which looks to me like a Hupmobile).
Chattanooga, 1924

16 June 2010

On the Road

In September of 1923, Arthur E. Raymo went on a business trip to Michigan, Ontario and New York. He visited other manufacturing plants, presumably to study their procedures and bring back ideas to his own alloy plant in Chattanooga. He rode from city to city by train and, when he had time, he sent home letters to his wife Margaret and family.

Here is one such letter Arthur wrote from Niagara Falls, New York.

12 June 2010

Mom and Dad

Margaret (Merrow) Raymo and Arthur E. Raymo
Chattanooga, 1923

09 June 2010

Anyone for Tennis?

Roger D. Raymo, Chester T. Raymo, Charlotte A. Raymo and Arthur J. Raymo
Chattanooga, 1923

08 June 2010

East Ninth Street

Around 1923, the Raymo family of Chattanooga moved from their home on Baldwin Street to 1025 East Ninth Street.

07 June 2010

Lookout Mountain

Arthur Elsworth Raymo
Chattanooga, 1922