27 April 2010


From Charlotte Raymo's 1976 recollections:

[In July 1917] our family moved to Chattanooga so that our father could help build and operate the Southern Ferro Alloys Company, which would manufacture ferro silicone for use in ammunition to be used in World War I.
There had been a big flood in Chattanooga in March 1917, and it was difficult to find housing that had not been damaged by water. So the first year, 1917-1918, we lived in the St. Elmo area and attended public school--I was in the 5th Grade.
In the spring of 1918, we moved to [212] Baldwin Street, about 6 blocks from Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and Notre Dame School (a 12-grade school). My three brothers and I enrolled in Notre Dame in September 1918 and became acquainted with the Dominican Order of Sisters--marvelous teachers and disciplinarians.

212 Baldwin Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee, c.1918

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  1. Tom, Thank you for all this. It's wonderful.