02 April 2010

Emma and Theodore

Arthur Elsworth Raymo's parents were Emma Handeyside and Theodore Raymo, shown here in a 1895 photograph. They were married on 20 March 1870, when Emma was only 17 years old and Theodore was 28.

Emma was the daughter of English immigrants, Rodger and Ann Handeyside from Yorkshire. Emma grew up on a farm down the road from the Raymo home in Nankin, Michigan.

Theodore was the son of Mitchell Raymo and his second wife Margaret Denniston. Theodore was descended from many generations of Québécois. He lived his whole life in Nankin, maintaining the family farm and also serving as a school teacher.

Together, Emma and Theodore raised six children:
  1. Evalena Raymo (1871-1906)
  2. William Ralph Raymo (1872-1951)
  3. Nora Ann Raymo (1874-1907)
  4. Leslie Theodore Raymo (1876-1932)
  5. Arthur Elsworth Raymo (1880-1926)
  6. Hazel E. Raymo (1886-1974)

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