05 April 2010

Filling in the holes

There is very little in the "Charchive", either photos or documents, from the period of time between Arthur and Margaret's marriage in 1905 and their move to Tennessee in 1911. I have been able to piece together a few bits from other sources which give us a glimpse at their early married life.

The young couple had four children in quick succession:
  1. Arthur Joseph Raymo, born 3 July 1906
  2. Charlotte Alma Raymo, born 28 November 1907
  3. Chester Theodore Raymo, born 27 March 1909
  4. Roger Daniel Raymo, born 19 August 1910
I've looked up the birth registrations for the four children of Arthur and Margaret in the microfilmed records of Wayne County, Michigan. This microfilm (FHL 1377681) is available through the Family History Centers run by the LDS Church.

Arthur was born in Nankin. Charlotte, Chester and Roger were born in nearby Dearborn. On Arthur's birth registration, his father's occupation is given as "farmer." By the time Charlotte was born, Arthur Sr. was a "bookkeeper" and living in Dearborn.

The family also appears in the 1910 United States Federal Census of Dearborn, Michigan.

Arthur, Margaret and their first three children (Roger was not born at the time they were enumerated) are living in a rented house on Garrison Avenue in Dearborn. This is before the automobile boom so Dearborn is still a small township. In addition, Arthur's occupation is listed as bookkeeper for the Electric L(ight?) Company.

Also living with them is Margaret's 18 year old younger sister Josephine Merrow. The rest of the Merrow family had moved to Tennessee a few years prior. Josephine would later become a nurse for the U.S. Army.

The family's stay in Dearborn was brief as Arthur soon accepted a new job which also brought him and his family to Tennessee.

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