11 April 2010

Memories of Mount Pleasant, Part Two

More of Charlotte's recollections of her childhood.

Mother was a Catholic and we children had all been baptized in Michigan. But there was no church in the area of Mt. Pleasant. Mother invited the priest stationed at Columbia, Tennessee to say Mass in our home once a month, and he did. Then Mother found about six or seven Catholic families in the area who had not been to church in years and whose children had not been instructed in the Catholic faith. So she had these families come to our home EVERY Sunday, and she conducted Catechism classes and prepared the children to make their First Holy Communion.
My oldest brother (Arthur) and I began our education in the public school (Hay Long Elementary School). When we lived in town, we were one-half mile from school. When we lived in the mining area, we walked more than 2 miles to school.

Charlotte and Arthur

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