10 April 2010

Memories of Mount Pleasant, Part One

In 1976, Charlotte A. Raymo wrote down some of her memories of growing up in rural Tennessee sixty years prior.

My family lived in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, a small mining town in middle Tennessee. I have vivid memories of these years. My mother made all my clothes and hers, and many things for my brothers (like pajamas, play clothes, “Buster Brown” suits, etc.) Whenever she made me a new dress, she would make one just like it for my largest doll. Mother was a good cook and we celebrated birthdays and holidays with special food and decorations—she made life exciting for her children.

Roger and Chester



  1. I think its time for Buster Brown suits to make a comeback!

  2. Josephine Gruesel Merrow was apparently an excellent seamstress. I have doll clothes made by her in 1889 with the following note attached by her daughter Margaret Merrow Raymo - "Made by my mother in 1889. exactly like the one she made for me. Little girls word dresses and coats to the ankles at that time." I also some a doll's wedding dress made by Margaret Merrow Raymo in 1891 when she was just 9 years old.