26 September 2010

News of the Day

Chester T. Raymo
Chattanooga 1928

18 September 2010

Mother's New Car

The four Raymo children and their mother Margaret's new car -- a Ford Model A, purchased for $746.50 on 23 October 1928 from the D. S. Etheridge Company of Chattanooga.

12 September 2010

Brothers in Arms

Roger D. Raymo and Chester T. Raymo
Chattanooga 1927

04 September 2010

Modelling Career

Chester T. Raymo (aged 18), a future mechanical engineer, with a scale model ship he built.
Chattanooga, 1927

01 September 2010

Leslie Theodore Raymo

Arthur's other older brother was Leslie Theodore Raymo (1877-1932) or Lester as he was later known. He lived with his wife Edith M. Smith in Yspilanti, Michigan and later Norvell. For a time, he was employed as a machinist, and later was a odd jobs laborer.

Leslie and Edith had three children:
  • Howard Lester Raymo, born 1898, died 1967. Howard married Grace (surname unknown).
  • Emma B. Raymo, born 1901. Emma married Elmer Ring in 1918.
  • Ethel B. Raymo, born 1906. Ethel married Ellis W. McCabe in 1923.