18 July 2010

Grandmother, Uncles, Aunt and Cousins

The Raymo family matriarch in 1925 was Theodore's widow Emma (Handeyside) Raymo, photographed here at the age of 72. She is joined by, from left to right, her grandson Arthur J. Raymo, daughter Hazel (Raymo) Krumm, son Ralph Raymo, brother (uncertain?) John Handeyside, granddaughter Evelyn B. Krumm and son-in-law William C. Krumm.

NOTE: I had previously identified the unknown elderly gentleman as Emma's brother-in-law Owen M. Raymo, a druggist who lived in Nankin, Michigan. Upon further reflection, I believe it is more likely to be Emma's older brother John Handeyside (1846-1939). After Emma was widowed, she lived in Nankin in the home of her older brother John. The gentleman here appears to have a greater resemblance to Emma than Theodore. In 1925, John would have been 79 years old.

FURTHER NOTE: Examining this photograph more closely, it appears that John Handeyside is sporting a Freemason's pin on his watch fob, and William appears to have a Kiwanis Club belt buckle.

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