20 May 2010

The Extended Family

The Raymo & Krumm Families, Chattanooga 1920

From left to right:
Arthur E. Raymo, Roger D. Raymo, Hazel Raymo Krumm, Emma Handeyside Raymo, Evelyn B. Krumm, Charlotte A. Raymo, Chester T. Raymo, William C. Krumm (Hazel's husband), Unknown Gentleman, Arthur J. Raymo

I don't know who the older gentleman on the right is, but I can make an educated guess. He may be Owen M. Raymo, brother to Theodore Raymo and Arthur E. Raymo's uncle. Owen lived in Nankin, Michigan and conceivably could have accompanied the widow Emma Handeyside and the Krumms on their visit to Chattanooga in 1920. He would have been 66 years old at that time.

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