28 July 2010

The Raymo Ancestry - Montréal and France

We can still go a few more generations back from François Raymond. His parents were Michel Raymond and Josette Leduc, married in Montréal in 1766. Josette was Michel's second wife, he had previously married Marguerite Aubin in 1756.

Michel's parents were Charles François Raymond (1697-1746) and Marguerite Danis (1699-1784). Charles was born in La Prairie, Québec, just outside of Montréal. Marguerite was born in nearby Lachine.

Charles' parents were Toussaint Rémond (1669-1741) and Barbe Pilet (1677-1757). Toussaint was the first of this family line in North America arriving in New France sometime in the late 17th century. He was a soldier under the command of Philippe de Rigaud Vaudreuil, who was a French colonel deployed to New France in 1687 to protect the early colonists and fur traders from Native attacks. Vaudreuil later was appointed Governor-general of New France. After Toussaint's service was complete, he remained in the New World as a colonist.

His marriage record reveals who his parents were and where he immigrated from in France.

Toussaint was the son of Barthélémy Rémond (1639-1708) and Marguerite Chaudier (1635-1708). They were from the Roullet parish of the city of Angoulême, France.

Here the trail stops. Any further records on the Raymo/Raymond patrilineal line, if they exist, will be in France.

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