23 July 2010

The Raymo Ancestry - Mitchell Raymo

I will take a break from the photographs for a few posts in order to share some of the genealogical material I can add to the Raymo family history.

Mitchell Raymo of Nankin, Michigan, was the father of Theodore Raymo and grand father of Arthur Elsworth Raymo. Mitchell was born in Detroit, then part of the Michigan Territory, on 25 February 1813. He was born as Michel Rémond and later in life adopted an anglicized version of his name.

The registration of his birth can be found in the records of the Ste. Anne de Détroit Catholic Church (found in the database of the Institut Généalogique Drouin). Ste. Anne's was the primary church for the French Canadian Catholics living in the Detroit area at the time.

My best transcription and translation:

Michel Rémond, né avant hier du legitime mariage de François Rémond et de Rose Lemai, a ete baptisé par nous pére sousigne aujourdhui, le vingt sixième jour du mois de fevrier de année mil huit cent treize. Le parrain a ete Théophile Lemai et la marraine Jeane Chauvin, epouse de Charles Rouleau, les quel ont declare ne savoir signer de ce enquer. 
--(Signe) Gabriel Richard, pére.

Michel Rémond, born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of François Rémond and Rose Lemai, was baptised by the undersigned priest today, the twenty-sixth day of the month of February in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirteen. The godfather was Théophile Lemai and the godmother Jeane Chauvin, wife of Charles Rouleau, who have declared they are unable to sign this register.
--signed, Fr. Gabriel Richard

Mitchell, at the age of 22, married a teenaged Laura Drake (b. 1819) in 1835. Laura gave birth to two daughters, Mary Elizabeth Raymo (b. 1836) and Rhoda Ann Raymo (b. 1838). Laura died sometime after that of undetermined causes. Mitchell, a widower with two young children, soon remarried. In 1840, he wed Margaret (Denniston) Mains (b. 1812), also a widow, who had recently arrived in Michigan from New York with her father Samuel Denniston, an Irishman from Longford.

Together, Mitchell and Margaret had five more children:

  • Theodore Raymo, born 1841
  • Leonard Reuben Raymo, born 1844
  • Newton Raymo, born 1847 (died in childhood)
  • Rebecca Raymo, born 1849 (believed to have died in childhood)
  • Owen M Raymo, born 1854
Theodore was the progenitor of the family documented on this blog. Leonard settled in Missouri and is the ancestor of many of the Raymo lines there. Owen remained in Wayne, Michigan and left no known patrilineal descendants.

Mitchell first appears in the U.S. Federal Census in 1840 as the head of household in Nankin, Michigan. He is listed here as Michael Raymo.

In 1850, when the U.S. Census began to enumerate all members of a household, he is listed as Mitchell Remoo.

The John enumerated here is Mitchell's step-son John Mains, son of Margaret and her first husband, the late Robert Mains. Margaret's father Samuel is also listed here.

Finally, in 1860, he is enumerated in Nankin as Mitchel Ramo.

In 1870, Mitchell is absent from the census rolls. Margaret is listed as head of household. I have not located a death record for Mitchell so I do not know if he died prior to 1870. However, in 1880 there is a Mitchell Raymo in the census records for Goshen, Indiana, listed as born in Michigan in 1813, but married to a woman named Lucy. It appears likely that Mitchell left his family sometime after 1860 and resettled in nearby Indiana.

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  1. Hello, my husband is a descendant of Mary Elizabeth, Raymo, born Nov. 9, 1835, and Charles Hartwell and we have enjoyed your site, especially the photos. According to my mother-in-law who also had a large collection of family photos and family notes with births and deaths, Booth Perry was Laura's father. She had both names on the old slip of paper which makes me think she was born Laura Perry, married a Drake then married Mitchell Raymo. According to old notes Laura Perry married Michell Raymo on Jan 1, 1835. I have not been able to confirm this with a marriage record. I see you also had 1835 for their marriage date. Were you able to find a marriage record? Again according to old handwritten notes, Laura Perry was born April 24, 1816 in New York.